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Water Pressure Issues

Q: My water pressure seems to have dropped - what's wrong? 

If you have had some plumbing work recently done on your property, the plumber may have made adjustments or inadvertently left valves partially closed. Please review the following list of potential problems: Check the water supply valve normally located on your water service line. This valve may be broken or in a partially closed position that can restrict the normal flow of water.

  • Check the pressure regulator. This is usually located in the meter pit or on the water service line entering your home or business. If broken or  improperly adjusted, your pressure will be affected. Not every property has a pressure regulator. They are recommended for properties where the pressure exceeds 80 pounds per square inch (psi). Contact the ELCO office if you suspect a problem with your pressure regulator.
  • Check all faucet screens and shower heads for build-up that could restrict the flow of water.
  • Check plumbing valves under sinks and basins, making sure they are completely open.
  • Check for other water leaks, both in the house and in outside irrigation systems that may cause low water pressure in the rest of your system.

If checking these items does not solve the problem, contact the ELCO office during normal business hours. A customer service representative will check the pressure in the District's system.