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Beacon/Badger Meters – Online Access Available via EyeOnWater

The East Larimer County Water District continues to upgrade water meters throughout the district with smart meter technology.  These new meters allows online and secure access to customer’s daily water usage data.  Utility customers can sign up for the service at​​ There is also a free app available for iPhone or Android phone.

The application allows customers to track the water use on an hourly, daily, monthly and yearly basis.  Customers can also setup alerts through the system that will notify them via email or text of continuous flow for 24 consecutive hours of flowing water above a specified limit called an alert threshold.  If the threshold was exceeded during that time, an alert will be sent.  If flow dropped to zero or below the threshold, even if the flow was exceeded one or more times in that last 24-hour period, no alert will be sent. 

Not all accounts have a smart meter installed yet.  To determine if there is a Badger meter installed at the property, refer to the monthly bill.  All accounts with a Badger meter installed have a note just right of the bar graph stating “Access to your daily water usage is available at”. 

In order to setup an account on EyeOnWater, customers will need their water bill to reference the account number.  When entering the account number on the site, omit the hyphen.  For example, if the account number is 123567-000, enter the account number online as 123567000.  The site will also require the zip code to verify an account can be setup.  From there, the customer will setup a username and password to access the account. 

For assistance on setting up an account, contact the office at (970) 493-2044 or

Need more information?

Watch this informative video from the Badger YouTube Channel.