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EyeOnWater - Badger Meters 


Over the past couple of years, ELCO has started installing smart meters targeting residential accounts throughout the District.  This technology allows the District to read meters remotely  and allows users (customers) the ability to see how much water they are using.  This technology also allows users to setup alerts for possible leaks.  The data from these meters reports hourly consumption.

At this time, this technology is not available to all accounts within the District. To determine if there is a smart meter installed at the property, you can go to the signup link and enter the required information (zip code and account number (omitting the dash in the account number).  If there is a meter installed at the address, the website will allow a username and password to be setup to access the account.  If the user gets an error stating record cannot be found, the District has not upgraded the meter at the location yet.  If you do not have a smart meter installed at the property yet, the District is targeting to have all residential sites completed within the next two years. 


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