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Protecting Your Water

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ELCO customers receive high quality drinking water from a modern, well-operated water treatment facility supplied by the Poudre River and Horsetooth Reservoir. Fortunately, both sources are relatively safe from contamination or degradation. It can remain that way with assistance from those who use the reservoir and its watershed.

Contaminants in water sources have the potential of adversely affecting the quality of your drinking water. The water treatment plant removes most contamination, but it would be better if contaminates never entered the river or reservoir.

Everyone lives, works and plays in the watershed of some lake or river. To protect the water supply of ELCO and nearby communities, residents of northern Colorado need to avoid activities that can threaten the region's waterways.

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Those who enjoy recreational activities in or near Colorado's lakes and rivers need to be sure their activities do not adversely affect water quality. Precautions are necessary to prevent fertilizers and chemicals applied to lawns or crops from ending up in waterways. Hazardous household waste or industrial chemicals can threaten water quality if not disposed of properly. Poor land use and construction practices can contribute to sedimentation problems. Everyone must remember that Colorado's lakes and streams are a source of drinking water for many people; we have the right and the responsibility to preserve and protect those waters.