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Q: I was told the District has an easement on my property. What does that mean? 

An easement gives the District the right to construct and maintain water lines on private property. Most easements were granted when land was platted for development. The property owner must allow the District to access facilities within easements located on their property. The property owner has responsibility for maintaining the land in the easement, but in most cases the District will restore any areas that are excavated or damaged during maintenance work.

Q: Greenery around my meter pit have been trimmed. Was that done by someone from ELCO? 

Probably so. Your meter pit is a vital link between you and the District. The meter reader must access the meter pit each month to obtain an accurate record of water consumption to insure proper billing. If the reader can not safely access the meter, he will remove obstructions. The meter reader is usually the customer's first line of defense in the event of a leak. If we are unable to remove obstructions, the meter reading will be estimated and the meter reader will be unable to alert the customer to any problem.