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Payment Options

US Mail – mail to ELCO Water District PO Box 2044 Fort Collins, CO 80522

Drop Box – located at the ELCO office on south side of building, next to the main entrance.

Automatic Bank Withdrawal – complete this authorization form and return with a voided check. 

Credit Card –accepted either in person, over the phone or online via ELCO's website.  

Online Bill Pay – after registering through ELCO’s website, payments can be made from a designated bank account.


What if I don’t pay my bill on time?

If the bill is not paid by the due date, a reminder notice will be mailed to the owner and tenant (if applicable) of the property stating payment must be made by the 11th of the following month to avoid late charges.

What do I do if I receive a Shut-Off Notice on my door?

To prevent disconnection of service, payment of the past due amount must be paid by the date indicated on the notice, otherwise, a service charge will be applied to the account and the water service will be terminated.  Payment plans may be available for hardship or unusual circumstances.

What should I do if my service is disconnected?

If the water service is disconnected due to non-payment on a past due account, the past due amount on the account along with the service charge must be paid prior to water service being restored.  Service can be restored after hours, however, an after-hours charge will be applied to the account and will be required to be paid the next business day.  If the customer requests the water to be restored after hours, please call the office at (970) 493-2044 and the answering service will contact an on-call staff to contact the customer directly.  If payment is restored after hours, customers are required to contact the office by 10am the next business day to make payment as field staff are not permitted to collect payment in the field.