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Optimize your water use!

Struggling to wrap your head around your sprinkler system? ELCO and  Resource Central can help with a FREE sprinkler evaluation. A 75-minute evaluation could help you save thousands of gallons of water each year. Resource Central associates run efficiency tests on your sprinkler system, make tune-up recommendations to reduce water waste, and provide a customized watering schedule designed to optimize your water use. It’s easy to sign up and schedule! Simply register at or call (303) 999-3824.

Registration Steps
Sign up for a sprinkler evaluation in just a few easy steps!
STEP 1: Determine your eligibility.
Click here to see if you’re eligible for a free evaluation. Once you’ve confirmed you're eligible, have your water account number (listed on your water bill) handy to register.
STEP 2: Register online.
Request an appointment by registering online here or by calling 303-999-3824. Registration holds your spot in our appointment waitlist and ensures you’ll receive notifications of upcoming appointment availability.
STEP 3: Schedule your evaluation.
If we are scheduling in your area at the time you register, you may have the option to schedule your appointment immediately. Otherwise, the Slow the Flow team will reach out to schedule your evaluation when appointments become available in your area.

A lawn sprinkler watering grass, droplets visible in the sunlight.