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Loren R. Maxey

Position: Chair

Chairman of the Board of Directors and President of the District (2000-Present)

Loren Maxey has been a District tap holder since 1963 when ELCO was established. He currently owns three taps and has business property interests in several more. Loren is now retired from Maxey Companies which was founded in 1969. The companies consist of three divisions: Manufacturing (truck bodies, specialty trailers and snow grooming machines); Truck Equipment Sales and Trailer Repair; and Max-Air Trailer Sales. All are located in East Ft. Collins and are overseen by his son, Carl, the General Manager.

Loren is still involved in a hay, pasture, horse, and small cattle operation next to the old downtown airpark. He was a Ft. Collins city councilman from 1987-1993 and serves on the Larimer County Fair Board from 1990-2012. Currently he is also on the North Poudre Irrigation Board and belongs to two antique tractor clubs. Loren is also an ELCO representative on the governing board of the SCFP.