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Transferring Water Service

Change of Ownership

Prior to a closing of a property, a title company is required to contact the District

regarding the closing in which the District will provide appropriate paperwork for the closing.  The District will provide the title company with an estimated final to be collected from the sellers along with a transfer form to be signed by both seller and buyer.  The day of the closing, ELCO will get a final meter reading at the property and final the account. Unless the District is notified of a delay in closing, the account is transferred from the seller to the buyer on the date of closing. Any surplus collected at closing is refunded to the seller. A transfer fee is applied to the buyer’s first bill


Sellers are encouraged to call the ELCO office a couple of days before the scheduled closing to confirm the closing date and that the title company has contacted the District. Customers that are not using a title company need to contact the ELCO office for information on transferring water service.


If ownership is acquired through foreclosure or bankruptcy, the purchase must be confirmed with Larimer County Assessor’s records or the buyer must provide a recorded warranty deed for the service to be transferred. All outstanding balances due on property become the new owner’s responsibility and must be paid prior to water service being transferred to the buyer.


Change of Tenant

Tenants can assume responsibility for water service at the property they are renting, Due to COVID – all tenant change requests will be accepted by calling the office at (970) 493-2044. Property owners cannot make their tenants responsible for the water bill.  On the date of transfer, unless it is a weekend or holiday, a meter reading will be taken to calculate the final bill. A transfer fee is applied to the tenant’s first bill.


If a tenant requests that their name be removed from the account, responsibility for water service will be transferred to the property owner. A transfer fee is applied every time the account is switched from tenant to owner or vice versa.


ELCO attempts to collect final bills from tenants, but ultimately, property owners are responsible for all charges associated with their property.  Tenants will not be allowed to transfer service into their name if outstanding charges are due from prior accounts at the property.


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