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Q: What does the District do if my water usage appears higher or lower than normal?

  • When ELCO personnel obtain your meter reading, a computerized reading device checks the consumption to see if it appears to be higher or lower than normal. The computer uses a historical average for the same time period from the previous year, with an allowance for seasonal fluctuation and normal deviation. If water use is too high or too low, the meter reading is verified by our meter reader.

    As a normal course of action, the meter reader will check for a possible leak and, if it appears that there is a leak, a door hanger is left to notify you of the possibility of a leak. Information collected by the meter reader is entered into the computer for later review.

    When meter readings are returned to the District's office, accounts with unusual consumption are automatically printed out for further review by customer service personnel. If this review does not offer an explanation, the meter reader is sent back into the field to verify the reading.


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